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Laminate Flooring is a floating glue less click locked & sealed flooring similar to a jigsaw puzzle. In this method, the individual planks are locked on to each other by means of clicking together, but do not attach to the sub-floor on which it is being installed. Laminated Flooring is generally a HDF based tongue and groove interlocking flooring system that rest on top of the existing substrate like ~ concrete slab, hard wood flooring or virtually any other flat hard surface that is suitable for installation.

Laminate Flooring is popular due to its ease of installation & its simple maintenance, easy cleaning methods, resistance to stains & a very durable surface due to the “WEAR RESISTANT LAYER”.

Branded VISTA wooden flooring

Laminated Wooden Flooring (HDF quality) (Starting @ Rs 65 – 200/sq ft)

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The Construction of Laminate Flooring Has Essentially Four Layers :
1. A wear resistant SURFACE LAYER – Consisting of a Aluminum Oxide coated tissue to make the flooring surface resistant to impact, scratches, burns & stains. (THIS LAYER DEFINES THE LIFE OF LAMINATE FLOORING)
2. A Printed Decorative paper layer which gives the decor of wood grain or patterns.
3. The Core – Comprising of HDF 8mm & 12mm
4. The balancing paper that lends balance to the construction preventing warpage.