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Valchromat – Wood Based Solid Surface Panel

Valchromat, manufactured exclusively by Investwood, Portugal is a unique product searched and appreciated by architects, designers, decorators, carpenters from all over the world. Valchromat is a wood fiber panel, coloured throughout, sourced from forest waste, residue from timber mills, formulated with resins and organic dyes. It is used in various applications like wall cladding, partitioning,shop fitting, decorative panels, and acoustic panels.

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  • Easy to use and fabricate
  • Available in 12 different colours & different thickness from 8 mm to 30mm.
  • Saves time and money in usage due to the solid surface nature of the material, which can be easily finished with wax, oil or acrylic.
  • It does not require the use of paint or gluing on edge because of the colour prevailing through its entire thickness.
  • Touchups are easy and cost effective
  • All the wood used is FSC certified and the product has PEFC & EI certification
  • Moisture, fire, UV and high load resistant
  • Ideal for 3D routing
  • Size : 2500*1250mm




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