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Interart – Architectural Panels

Interart Architectural Panels from Holz in Form, Germany and LATHO,Italy are one of the most pristine creations.This dynamic range of impeccably created panels are veneered with wood in natural textures and impressions. They are designed to spontaneously respond to your creative whims. The flowing, dynamic shape of these panels gives the decor an elegance found only in nature. These architectural panels can be used in various applications like wall paneling, wardrobe shutters, doors, furniture elements in residences, corporate offices, hospitality industry and many more.

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Move is a panel produced by applying either natural wood or reconstituted Alpi veneers mostly to MDF substrates. Any veneer of a natural wood species can be used to customer specification. Through particular techniques, surfaces are embossed in order to obtain many different deep textures.

Move is the answer for your exotic home, with a wide collection of dynamic & flowing surfaces including Ebony, Wenge, Walnut and Classic Black. They add a breathtaking natural and vibrant tactile look to your interiors.

Move has found its presence in wall paneling, wardrobe shutters, doors, furniture elements, in residences, corporate offices, multiplexes, hospitality industry and retail design to name a few.

Move Series Panels from LATHO, Italy provides stylish designs coupled with quality European production offering breathtakingly alive and dynamic surfaces. These panels add a breathtaking natural & vibrant tactile look to your interiors.



  • Available in various patterns and wood species like Ebony, Wenge,Smoked oak, Walnut and Black and White Finishes.
  • Size available- 8’*4’, Thickness 4.5mm

HOLZ in Form Series panels from VD Werkstatten, Germany are intricately detailed panels with life like real timber surfaces created through a patented high pressure embossing process.



  • Available in a wide range of wood Real Oak, Wenge, Walnut,Smokes Larch,Ebony,Metallic, Lacqured finishes , Antique and many more in a numerous range.
  • Size available in:2.45*1.05, Thickness available in 4.5mm.




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