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Veneers & Associated Products

Veneers (Decorative Plywood):
Plywood overlaid with decorative wood, including but not limited to White Ash, White Oak, Red Oak, Walnut, Hard Maple, Cherry, Mahogany, Ebony, Bocote, Zericote, Sycamore, Rosewood, Teak and a large number of exotic hardwoods from far reaches of Africa, South America, North America, Europe, Australia & Asia.CQ has a vast range of wood veneers comprising not just of naturally available veneers but also Dyed & Smoked.
Additionally veneers are Rough-cut, Plank-matched, Scrambled and Weaved to create interesting designs. Another interesting addition has been Stone Veneers (Plywood faced with real stone). Apart from conventional we offer customization to our clients for any specific design that they might want executed to fit their requirement.

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How are wood veneers made?
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Edge Banding

Layers of wood veneers pasted together to form a flexible band to be used on edges matching the veneer used on the face. The flexibility gives designers the capability to detail out intricate curved surfaces and the homogenous nature allows for etching & pattern cutting thereby helping in executing their design to the nth degree. Apart from the specialized veneer based edge banding, we also offer regular wood based edge banding, commonly known as margins (teak, beech, ash etc.) and plastic/PVC based edge banding for inexpensive commercial use.


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Flexible Veneers

These are of two types, decorative face backed with. 1. Fleece & 2. Commercial Face. Here the veneer is bound by a thin fleece or a commercial face on the back which gives it extreme bending properties for use on curved surfaces. Fleece backed can be strained to get acute bending whereas commercial face backed cannot be strained as acutely.


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Plywood & Associated Products


Shuttering Film Face Plywood
Plywood (MR, BWR & Marine Grade)
Teak Plywood
Decorative Plywood
Block-board (MR & BWR Grade)
Armour Core
Coloured MDF
Embossed Veneer Panels
Decorative Laminates
Metal Laminates

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CQ deals in high quality moulded plywood knockdown furniture ready for assembly at the site. Cosmetic customization option available as well.

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