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Delhi  – Plywood, Block Boards, Waterproof Flush Doors & Plywood Door Frames:
We are a multi brand multi product wholesale plywood store that deals in various Premium segment brands like Duro, Hunsply, Sonear & Mid-segment brands like  Century, Greenply, Sahara, Samrat Ply & more.
100% Garjan Plywood BWR grade @ Rs 185/Sq Ft now in stock.
We stock Plywood, Block Boards & Flush Doors in various grades like moisture resistant, boiling water resistant, waterproof & marine grade. All products are termite & borer treated.
We have an exclusive range of  Designer Doors.  Click here for more info.
Common thicknesses of plywood 4 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm (readily available);
Common Flush Door thickness 32 mm & 35 mm (readily available); Other thickness available as well.
Plywood & wood door frames available as well
Brand Discounts:
Duro Discount – 30%, Duro Veneer Discount – 40%
Sonear Discount – 30%, Sonear Veneer Discount – 40%
GreenPly Discount – 20%
Call us for current discounts & schemes +91 9810130147Volume discounts available.
Teak ply & laminates available as well.
Domestic Grade – Commercial Plywood & Block Board
18mm Plywood –
12mm –
6mm –
19mm B/Board Poplar –
19mm B/Board Pine –
Get a quote for any of the below listed brands & items- +91 9810130147 ,
Item Thickness Grade Hunsply Duro Sonear Sahara Platinum Sahara Local
Plywood (Com) 6 mm MR
Plywood (Com) 9 mm MR
Plywood (Com) 12 mm MR
Plywood (Com) 16 mm MR
Plywood (Com) 19 mm MR
BlockBoard (Com) 19 mm MR
Plywood (w/proof) 6 mm BWR
Plywood (w/proof) 9 mm BWR
Plywood (w/proof) 12 mm BWR
Plywood (w/proof) 16 mm BWR
Plywood (w/proof) 19 mm BWR
BlockBoard (w/proof) 19 mm BWR

Plywood is a structural board consisting of an odd number of thin layers (plies/cores) of wood glued together under pressure, with the grain of each layer at right angles to the grain of the adjoining layer. CQ has a vast range of Plywood in various grades and brands. Grades: Moisture Resistant, Boiling Water Resistant, Flexible Plywood, Fire Retardant, Marine Grade i.e. Saline Water Resistant.
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Shuttering Film Face Plywood:

12mm Shuttering Plywood (Film Faced) – Rs 65/sq ft

Boiling water resistant film faced shuttering plywood is suitable for concrete form work for beams, columns, flooring and slab form work, vertical or inclined concrete work, mezzanine floors, exteriors of homes, storage bins, Kiosk, Truck Bodies, Trailers etc.

It has high resistance to abrasion, water absorption and varying temperatures, thus giving a product life substantially higher ordinary film faced shuttering ply.

CQ offers a range of shuttering plywood in various grades and durability. Two variants: 1.Paper/Film Based 2. Fabric Based. Our film faced shuttering plywood for light use (film faced) gives 15 to 20 repetitions, medium use (superior film faced) gives 50 to 60 repetitions and heavy use (fabric faced) shuttering plywood gives 200+ repetitions.
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Commercial block-boards starting @ Rs 53/sq ft

A a wood based board in which veneer layers used in the core for plywood are replaced by blocks of wood, the direction of grain of the blocks running at right angles to that of the adjacent veneer. CQ offers block-boards in various grades and brands.  Grades:  Moisture Resistant & Boiling Water Resistant, Fire Resistant.
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Timber is wood prepared for use in building and carpentry. CQ deals in Support batons (pine), Seasoned Wood: Pine, Spruce, Merindi, Finger-Joint Merindi, and Exotic Timbers like Teak, Walnut, Ash, Oak, Wenge, Beech etc.
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Armour Core:

Strength of plywood with surface finish of MDF. This is a specialized product for clients who require the strength of plywood but the surface finish of MDF for their design execution. This integrated product in far superior in terms of durability and strength when compared to MDF.
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Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is an engineered wood product made by down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibres, often in a defibrator, combining it with wax and a resin binder, and forming panels by applying high temperature and pressure.  We offer MDF in varying thicknesses and grades such as interior grade, exterior grade to meet your requirement. We deal in pre-laminated MDF as well.
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Coloured MDF (Valchromat):


Valchromat is an innovataward winning product. It can be categorised somewhere between a wood fibre board and a solid surface because the product that uniquely combines the natural features of wood with the brightness of colour. Valchromat is an specially formulated resins and organic dyes within the board. All wood used is FSC certified and is sourced from forest waste, residue from timber mills, pine and recycled pine. Add a new dimension to your design with pastel colour MDF.

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 Architectural Panels (Interart – Embossed Veneers):

Interart Architectural Panels from VD Werkstatten, Germany are a range of exquisitely created panels, veneered with real Oak, Wenge, Walnut and Classic Black surfaces.
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 Decorative Laminates:

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Decorative laminates are produced with kraft papers & papers with a layer of overlay on top of the decorative paper, set before pressing them with thermos-processing into high-pressure to form decorative laminates. This sheet is then soaked with resins and pressed together using high levels of heat. After the laminate has been formed, it is heated to soften the resins within the material. This gives the laminate greater flexibility and less rigidity. It is made of a combination of decorative paper, core (kraft) paper and melamine resins. We offer laminates in various thickness, textures, designs, finishes and compositions.
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Metal Laminates (Metlam): 

Metlam is a revolutionary, real metal surface laminate from the world leaders in laminate technology, Homapal, Germany & Chemetal, U.S.A. Metlam is being extensively used in Showroom displays, Residences, Office Interiors, Exhibition Displays, Cinema Multiplexes, Retail Stores and numerous other innovative applications.We offer more than 150 exclusive brushed, polished, matt, coloured, embossed and print patterns in Aluminium, Copper, Steel and Brass. Our latest addition is the magnetic metal laminates which are used in place of white board/Blackboards etc.
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 CNC Routing:

CNC routing starting @ Rs 40/sq ft

Get your customised designs routed on MDF, Plywood, Wood Veneers & Natural Wood. Forms: Grills, Engraving & 3D.
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 Laser Cutting:

Laser cutting starting @ Rs 400/sq ft

Get your customised designs lasered on MDF, Plywood, Wood Veneers & Natural Wood. Forms: Grills, Charring, Engraving.
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