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MDF (Medium Density Fiber Board)

MDF New Delhi, Medium density fiber board.

MDF in its short existence has found a variety of uses and we have engineered it in various forms to fit our variety of requirements.

MDF is medium density fiber board. It is made from wood fiber & glue mixed compressed under high pressure to form a board. Further compression of the same results in HDF (High Density Fiber Board) which too has variety of applications.

Branded Green PanelMax MDF Board

For details & rates of Exterior Grade MDF, Pine MDF, Coloured MDF, E1 certified MDF & Pine HDF (CARB compliant) call us @9810808147

We also offer MDF jali cutting, routing & laser cutting.


Benefits of MDF:

  • Some varieties are less expensive than many natural woods
  • Isotropic (its properties are the same in all directions as a result of no grain), so no tendency to split
  • Consistent in strength and size
  • Shapes well.
  • Stable dimensions (won’t expand or contract like wood)
  • Smoother surface, even.
  • Easy to finish (i.e., paint)

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